Stick ‘em Up

OK, pardners, it’s time for the annual Stick ‘em Up Campaign. Now let me tell you about the good padre here. It times past he used to ask y’all for money for his own use. He was spendin’ time bloggin’ and writin’ and there weren’t no ads on his blog and it looked real purdy, and I know y’all liked reading every day.

But now he’s over with these fancy Patheos folks, well they put them ads up and the good padre don’t feel like he can ask you for money ’cause he gets a check from the Patheos folks every month. It ain’t much, but it adds up.

But let me tell you about what else the padre is up to. He’s been making this here radio show called More Christianity. He spends a couple of hours every week at the local Catholic radio station called WCKI. They’re flying by the seat of their pants over there folks–living day by day without no visible means of support.

Well, the padre sits down with his buddy Michael who is the producer and he talks to a whole range of interesting folks about the Catholic faith. This radio show of his is going to go out to lots of stations in the new year, but he don’t get paid a penny to do it, and furthermore, the fellas who help him make the program work for peanuts.

They’ve got overheads and salaries and month by month they don’t know where the money will come from. So instead of the good padre asking you to cough up to help him and his family, this year he’s asking you to help out with his radio show. All the donations are going to the radio station to help make the show.

Now about 5,000 people read this blog. Think what it would be like if they all gave twenty bucks? We’d be able to pay the bills at the station and expand our work and get put it toward the FM station we’re trying to buy.

So, if you want to listen to the good padre’s radio shows, why there’s already nearly fifty of them. You can go here to look at them and listen. If you want to make a donation you can do that right here and donate straight to the station, or you can donate to the good padre through the button on his sidebar. Even better, you can use the station donation page to pledge a monthly donation.

Now go on! Don’t be shy! You are hearing all this yakkety yak about the New Evangelization–why don’t you get up off your lazy old cowboy butt and do something about it?

C’mon now. It only takes a minute. Make a generous donation y’all!