Stick ‘em Up!

Here’s what I’m trying to do on my radio show–More Christianity–show what More Christianity–the fullness of the Christian faith in the Catholic Church looks like.

It seemed to me that apologetics phone in radio shows, while very worthy, are often repetitious. We need them, but we can use something else. So my format is very simple: I have a different guest each week and we discuss their particular contribution to the faith.

I interview converts, authors, bloggers, architects, musicians and moms. I talk to media people, priests, pro-lifers and poets. My guest might be an artist, a businessman who has started an evangelization apostolate or a retired person who collects shoes for poor kids.

The idea is that, as a mosaic or a stained glass window, is a glorious image of Christ built up from many individual pieces, that the church too–will be seen in all her fullness by learning about the whole range of individuals who are contributing their gifts.

Will you help this show to continue? My Stick ‘em Up Campaign this year is not going for my own expenses, but to support our local Catholic radio station here in South Carolina–WCKI. The guys at the station have worked incredibly hard with few resources and now have three stations across South Carolina–evangelizing in the Bible belt. They need to expand into FM and a wider broadcasting area. They also have overheads and a couple of salaries to pay.

Please contribute anything you can. If all my readers took a minute to jump over to the WCKI site and make a donation of $10.00 we’d have  $30,000.00! That would be fantastic! Why not take a minute. Yes, you. and make that contribution today?

You can go here to listen to over forty half hour shows we’ve already recorded. To make your donation go here and donate straight to the station, or you can use my “Donate” button in the right sidebar to save a step. All donations to my blog (unless otherwise designated) this month will go to WCKI.