Stick ‘em Up Campaign

Every November since I started this blog I have had a “Stick ‘em Up” campaign. For one week I ask readers for donations through the “Donate” button in my sidebar.

However, now that I am at Patheos and my readers have to put up with ads, and the ads actually bring in revenue and Patheos sends me a check every month I don’t feel right about asking y’all to cough up for me.

BUT…I am going to ask you to make donations to a good cause.

For over a year now I have been working with WCKI– my local Catholic radio station to produce a weekly half hour radio show called More Christianity. We got off to a good start. Al Kresta’s network picked up the show and it has been going out on about fifteen stations nationwide. In January it is going to be picked up and broadcast to all EWTN affiliates. This is a big boost.

BUT…for those of you who don’t know how Catholic radio works–nobody really gets paid. We provide the programming to EWTN free of charge. This means I put in a couple of hours every week to get the show on the air. Our parish secretary arranges the interviews. The folks at the local Catholic station–most of them volunteers–work to put the show together.

The station though, has running costs. Here’s the deal. All the donations from this year’s Stick ‘em Up campaign will go toward the production and distribution costs of my More Christianity radio show.

You donate to the blog through the “Donate” button and I’ll keep track of the donations and send it all to WCKI. I’d like to raise as much money as possible, and I’ll let you know how we’re doing.

Can you help out? This is the only time this year I will ask you to make a donation, and it’s not going for me. It’s going to support the radio show which gets the good news of the Catholic faith out to many more people.

I’ll be describing and featuring the forty or so shows we’ve already recorded, but if you’re interested in listening to them, they are archived here.