Stick em Up Campaign

C’mon now pardners, reach for the sky!

Not many of y’all have dug deep and made a donation yet this month. You know what I’ve been saying, this here campaign for funds ain’t for the good padre. He don’t want to ask for donations now he’s getting paid a little to blog.

But he does need your help for his radio show. Now you listen here. This radio show is already going out on about twelve stations, and in the new year it will go out to all the EWTN affiliate stations nationwide. The good padre donates his time to do the radio show and the local Catholic radio station put in the hours to produce it for free.

The only problem y’all is that it ain’t free. You know that and I know that. Y’all are used to getting all this stuff free nowadays, but somebody somehwere has to pay for it. The radio station can’t charge for advertising ’cause it’s a charity. Therefore the good padre relies on you.

A good number of his programs are already online. You can go here to look at them and listen. If you want to make a donation you can do that right here and donate straight to the station, or you can donate to the good padre through the button on his sidebar. Even better, you can use the station donation page to pledge a monthly donation.

C’mon now folks, all this yakkety yak about New Evangelization. Why don’t y’all stop talkin’ and start givin’? You want to help the good padre evangelize? Then make your donation afore I have to shoot!