Taylor’s Top Ten Manly Christmas Gifts

Here’s a great article by my friend (and fellow former Anglican priest) Taylor Marshall. His top ten manly Christmas gifts.

When your man gets back to work after Christmas and someone asks, “So what did you get for Christmas?” let him say something more than “Oh you know, a couple of new shirts and a tie.”

Below is a guide for Manly Christmas Gifts for your husband, brother, or grandpa. Seriously, you can’t wrong with the following ten gifts. They’re all winners. So here we go:

Go here for Taylor’s list, and stop by his blog. He has lots of excellent Catholic scholarly stuff and links to his excellent books.

What would I add to a list of manly gifts? It’s tough, but a good trick is to set up the gift getting in another way first:

Get the man in your life to collect something. That means you’ll always be able to get good gift ideas. I started collecting bookends some time ago. The family have no problem. They just snoop through old  junk shops to find curious bookends. Get him started with a hobby. If he had a good hobby like hunting, fishing, model railroading, stamp collecting or whatever–you can always find a gift which is something more interesting than a tie or a bottle of booze.