Thomas Peters Writes

I met Thomas Peters–the young Catholic blogger at a Catholic Leadership Conference a few years ago. He’s been at the forefront of the pro-life and Catholic political scene, so it was terrible news to hear that he was seriously injured in a diving accident last summer. He’s able to write again–albeit using the knuckle of his left pinkie–he recounts his survival and steps back to health here in an inspiring tale of courage and faith.

On a Friday in July I awoke in the early morning hours to someone beating on my back with their fists. I was lying on a bed in a place I did not recognize and I was in excruciating pain. It was a kind of pain I had never experienced before and did not understand. There was a tube down my throat and my body felt incomplete, as if much of it was missing. I came to realize in the hours that followed, the man beating on my back with his fists was a nurse, and he was trying to dislodge some of the fluid that was filling up my lungs as the result of the diving accident I had sustained three days previously, an accident that had fractured my fifth vertebrae and had given me a severe spinal cord injury, an injury that has changed the course of my life forever.