Where’s My Phone Call from Francis?

This new pope keeps calling people on the phone. He hasn’t called me yet. When is he going to get around to it?

Is he slacking or what?

I think it’s quite a nice thing for the Pope to call people. The good thing about personal conversations is that they happen in real time and nobody is recording it (or so one hopes).

Therefore if I say something I didn’t really mean, or some little indiscretion slips out I can always say later that it wasn’t quite like that or I didn’t really mean it that way. Plus, the conversation is just that– a conversation. It’s not an infallible statement.

For this pope, it’s a brilliant idea. Who’s going to record the phone call? Nobody. The pope’s critics aren’t going to pick through his every word to see if it’s orthodox or not. They’re not going to mess up the translation, do a hatchet job of editing or put their own words in his mouth.

In fact, I recommend this to everyone. Talk to people more. Forget about the email and text all the time.

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