Converts vs. Cradles

A nice post from fellow convert The Crescat here. Kat writes about a momentary illumination on the advantages cradle Catholics have over converts:

My son went in to serve and I opted to read a book in the car*, like the terrible example that I am. It was from this vantage point that I was able to glimpse a rare moment in my son’s life that I’ve never been privy to in the past.

It was the end of the mass where all the servers leave out the main doors, followed by the priest. From there they walk in a line down the sidewalk and slip into the back door that leads directly to the sacristy. Here’s what I saw… A line of robed young men carrying cross, torches, and thurible as a trail of smoke followed. It was early dusk and from behind them the stained glass windows of the church were illuminated from the inside out…

Read Kat’s short but sweet post here.