Gone Fishing

Here’s a faith story I heard today: We’ll call her Carol. She says,

My late husband Jim used to go fishing down at the cabin most every Saturday. He was friendly with the neighbor–a professed agnostic named Harry. They never talked about religion, but every Saturday afteroon right on the dot Jim would pull the boat up to the dock, tie up, head up to the cabin, change and shower, climb into the car and head out to Mass.

Eventually Harry said, “I decided to head down to Immaculate Conception one day to see what it was that made Jim leave his fishing like clockwork every single Saturday and head down off to church.”

Harry ended up not only becoming a Catholic, but a special minister of Holy Communion–serving faithfully in the parish and taking communion to the sick and housebound.

I guess Jim went fishing for men by leaving his fishing boat.

People are watching. You go to Mass every week, they’re watching.

You don’t go to Mass every week? They’re watching that too.

And we’ll be held accountable. He who is faithful in a small thing will be faithful in much.