Of Greed and Grape Nuts

Brading Church, Isle of Wight

In the parish where I was an Anglican vicar there remained in the collective memory of the village a memorable predecessor named The Rev’d Christian William Hampton-Weekes. “Hampy” as he was called, was born in 1880. He was Vicar of Brading from 1934 to his death in 1948.

Hampy was a bachelor and lived in the five bedroomed Victorian vicarage house set in about five acres of garden. He was from a wealthy family and employed a housekeeper, cook, gardener and chauffeur-handyman.

The old timers in the village used to tell how Hampy would go visiting the poor of the parish in his Rolls Royce driven by the chauffeur. If he was going out to the outlying village of Alverstone he’d stop by their house and pick up the kids to go out and visit their grandma who lived on one of the farms nearby. “Hampy would always have a bag of sweets for us, and we’d ride out to Grandma’s then he’d pick us up for the return journey.”

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