If the Hat fits…

Here is my latest article for Aleteia–building on a nice incident with Pope Francis. A couple of American college kids bought a white zucchetto and swapped it with the pope during his Wednesday audience. Read the whole article here and learn not only about the hat swapping incident, but a run down on Catholic clerical headgear…

Ethan Mack held the zuchetto out and one of the Pope’s guards accepted it from him. Pope Francis asked the driver to stop; the Pontiff then read the note, smiled, checked the cap for size, nodded, and then put it on.

The Pope then handed the zucchetto he had been wearing to the guard, who gave it to the students, and the Pope continued wearing the students’ skullcap for the rest of the audience. This whole episode leads me to reflect on the fact that when I am asked why I became a Catholic, I sometimes joke that it is for the hats.

By the way, you might be amused by this post by Ed Blanch the Internet Atheist with his take on Catholic hats. Go here for the Aleteia article on Catholic hats.