Pope Francis Ponders Women Priests

Here is my latest article for Aleteia which springboards from Pope Francis’ recent bewilderment over the suggestion of having women cardinals in the church. He’s quite clear that it’s not a possibility and this article summarizes the arguments for and against women priests and explains the church’s position.

Pope Francis’s take on the subject is illuminating. In his comments on the possibility of women cardinals, he commented that those who are pushing for such innovations are trying to clericalize women. Part of Pope Francis’s mission is to shift the Church away from stuffy, clerical control.

He wants the laity – men and women – to hear the call to evangelize and to get involved in the exciting and messy business of living and proclaiming the Gospel. He realizes that we need priests for the sacraments, to teach the faith and govern the Church, but their mission is not an end in itself. The mission of the clergy is to constantly serve and enable the faithful

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