Pope Frodo?

Nine Companions – The Fellowship of the Ring

Has anyone else noticed that with the pope–his new advisory council is made up on nine members? Like the Fellowship of the Ring right?

Here’s a fanciful piece I wrote for Aleteia which you might find amusing. It will also help you become acquainted with the eight cardinals who are helping Pope Francis bring change to the church.


Like the members of Tolkien’s fellowship, the nine have been summoned from every corner of the earth and from every race. They are embarking on a perilous and dangerous journey: to reform the Catholic Church. They set out with faith but uncertainty. As Frodo says at the Council of Elrond: “I will take the ring…but I do not know the way.” Together they have the character, skills and experience to undertake the great quest, but their mettle will only be tried and their skills used as they go forward. Together they bear the ring of power – the fisherman’s ring – but the difference is that this ring of power, forged in that battle with the evil Sauron Satan so long ago, is a ring that has already been purified by the fire and reclaimed for the good.

See if you can figure out which of the cardinals are the different characters in the Fellowship of the Ring. Enjoy!