What Do I Think of Phil Robertson?

We don’t watch TV. I’ve never seen Duck Dynasty. I read about Phil Robertson’s statements in GQ and don’t see what all the fuss is about. He’s simply stated the historic Christian view. He might have used crude language, but he’s just being himself. You can’t be entertained by a hillbilly and then expect him to behave like an East Coast liberal.

Besides, are people familiar with what homosexuals do with each other?  It seems strange to me in this sexually liberated age that people are so coy about the actual facts of gay sex.

We’re talking about anal intercourse between two men, oral sex, oral-anal sex, an obsession with the penis and anus and other stuff which is too disgusting to discuss.  If gay sex is so wonderful why are otherwise sexually liberated people so prissy and Puritanical about it–blaming Mr Robertson for being vulgar? He was only talking bluntly about what actually goes on between two men and saying he found it disagreeable.

Why are they picking only on his opinions about homosexuality. He also said that bestiality, fornication and promiscuity, drug addiction and alcoholism were sins. The odd thing is, the country seems quite blasé about these other things, no one was that upset that he was picking on adulterers, fornicators, drug addicts and alcoholics. Why the obsession with homosexuality?

But what do I know about it? Our country’s present obsession with homosexuality is distorted and strange. It seems every other article on my news feed is about homosexuality. Aren’t there any other topics? Must we share this obsession?

As to the wider cultural and religious implications, Rod Dreher–a fellow Louisiana resident– has good comments about the Duck Dynasty phenomenon and has thought it through and written about it with a series of posts here.

I don’t have much more to say about it because homosexuality is a topic I simply don’t care to write about very much. As I’ve written earlier this week I have enough to do to run a parish and a school, try to build a new church, grow our ministry to the needy in our community, be a husband, father and priest and work to do my best to work on the New Evangelization.

If and when people who have same sex attraction come to me I’ll accept them as people for who they are just as I would accept everyone else. I’ll try to help them with their spiritual needs like I would anyone else. Part of that will be to assist them to live according to the incredibly high standards of sexual morality that all Catholics are supposed to live by.

All the rest of the fuss I can’t be bothered with. Let the activists rant and rage. I have my opinions, but more importantly I’ve got the teaching of the Catholic Church on which to rely. Pontificate about gay sex?

I’ve got better things to do.