Catholic World Report Reports…

…on The Romance of Religion.

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In this new book you draw heavily on literature, film, and art to illustrate the great ideals of goodness, truth, and beauty. Stories have the ability to teach and provide us with insight into our own life experiences. Do you think this is why some of the great communicators of the truths of Christianity have been artists (be it visual or literary)?

Father Longenecker: At the heart of the Christian faith is the fact that the “Word” was made flesh. Therefore the abstract truths are always being lived out in the human drama. This is why Pope Benedict XVI said that “the saints are lived theology” and, “We can only interpret Scripture in the lives of the saints.” Therefore it is always the task of the Christian communicator to continue to flesh out the truths of the Gospel. Theology comes alive in the lives of the saints, but it also comes alive within drama, stories, art, and music.

CWR: You say that “we need to discover once again that we have something to die for, for it is only when we have something to die for that we have something to live for.” Is that the romance of religion? And if so, how can dying be romantic?

Father Longenecker: It is not in the dying, but in having something to die for. The great romantic quests have always been “do or die” propositions. So in Star Wars Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try.” The Romance of Religion is therefore about the call to launch out on the great adventure to risk all to gain all. Following Christ has become a suburban weekend past time, and no wonder so few are interested!

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