Divorce – A Form of Child Abuse

Joseph Pearce writes eloquently here on the breakdown of the family and the impact on children.

Throughout the entirety of human history, the essential building block of society has been the family. Indeed, until very recently, the very purpose of marriage was inextricably connected to the family. Men and women got married with the expectation of having children. The future of the married couple, and the future of the wider community of which they were a part, was dependent on the begetting and raising of children.

It’s all too often forgotten in these heady days of socially-engineered change that children are always the bottom-line. Their absence leads to an aging population in the short-term, with all the associated problems that this causes, and will lead in the longer-term, which in hindsight will seem like no time at all, to the complete collapse of our so-called civilized society.

Marriage has always been for the propagation of the human race, the benefit of the tribe and the flourishing of human society. Children, from time immemorial have been regarded as a blessing. Now they are regarded as a liability. The tumbledown effect of the absence of children in our society and the suffering caused to children by the selfishness of promiscuity and divorce is sobering indeed.

Society will suffer economic and social hardship, but it is the children who are the sacrificial lambs:

Make no mistake, children will be the biggest losers in the headlong abandonment of traditional marriage and the traditional family. Like lambs to the slaughter, future generations of children are set to be sacrificed on the altar erected to the god of sexual gratification. They are the voiceless victims, screaming in the vacuum of a loveless society. Whether we know it or not, or whether we acknowledge it or not, we stand condemned by the silence of the lambs.

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