I Never Criticize My Fellow Priests…

Deacon Kandra reports here on Newark Archbishop Myers’ upgrade on his retirement home.

His present 4,500-square-foot home sits on 8.2 wooded acres in the hills of Hunterdon County. With five bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a three-car garage and a big outdoor pool, it’s valued at nearly $800,000, records show.

But it’s not quite roomy enough for Newark Archbishop John J. Myers.

Myers, who has used the Franklin Township house as a weekend residence since the archdiocese purchased it in 2002, is building a three-story, 3,000-square-foot addition in anticipation of his retirement in two years, The Star-Ledger found. He will then move in full-time, a spokesman for the archbishop said.

The new wing, now just a wood frame, will include an indoor exercise pool, a hot tub, three fireplaces, a library and an elevator, among other amenities, according to blueprints and permits filed with the Franklin Township building department.

The price tag, the records show, will be a minimum of a half million dollars, a figure that does not include architectural costs, furnishings and landscaping…

I have a solemn promise that I do not criticize my fellow Catholic priests on this blog. Therefore, while I struggle in the poorest and smallest parish in Greenville to raise $5m for a desperately needed new church building  I will not criticize Archbishop Myers for spending half a million on his new home.

I’ll let Deacon Kandra do that….