Katherine Shori to deliver C.S.Lewis Lecture?

Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri announces that Presiding Episcopal Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori will give the annual C.S.Lewis Legacy Lecture.

Whaaat? Katherine Jefferts Schori exemplifies just about everything C.S.Lewis mocked and deplored in the Anglican Church.

I wonder if she will take Lewis famous essay, Priestesses in the Church? for her topic, or maybe she will speak on the apostate bishop Lewis caricatured in The Great Divorce.

In a laughable press release about this travesty professor Cliff Cain (as in Cain killed Abel) says, “Her divinity degree combined with her bachelor’s degree in biology and two graduate degrees in oceanography make her uniquely qualified to offer remarks on this subject.”

The list of suitable C.S.Lewis scholars is long and prestigious. These people overlook all the men and women who have written scholarly papers, books and articles about Lewis and his works in favor of  Mrs Schori who used to be an oceanographer?

I mean, if they were really looking for an unqualified, female celebrity whose whole life is a repudiation of everything C.S.Lewis stands for why didn’t they ask Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan?