Myth and Truth and Truthful Myth


Go here for my latest article for The Imaginative Conservative–discussing how stories work mythically and why myth is important in modern culture and religion.

With some insouciance the internet atheist pronounces that all religion is a “myth”. His bravado is understandable. He has been taught that a myth is a story that is fanciful and not factual. A myth, he has been told, is a fairy tale with plot lines and people that are pretend. For the atheist in the street, a myth is a story that features fairies, leprechauns, dragons, unicorns, mermaids and other marvelous and miraculous creatures. He finds it bemusing, maddening, and impossible that seemingly rational, educated people profess to believe in virgin births, angels, demons, miracles, and marvels when he knows such things cannot be any more real than satyrs, centaurs, wood nymphs, Zeus, Horus, Ganesh, or Thor.

The internet atheist’s arrogance in saying that religion is an untrue myth is equalled only by his ignorance, for he has not been taught the value of either myth or truth. He has not stopped to ask Pilate’s big question, nor worried himself about the mystery and marvel of myth.

To provide an answer we must first analyze what we mean by “truth”

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The relationship of myth, truth and the importance of stories is the theme of my latest book The Romance of Religion.