Pearce Pierces the Common Core

Joseph Pearce reveals the shallow idiocy of modern statist education in this attack on the common core. By extension the entire American secular academy is a naked emperor, and Pearce standing on the shoulders of the giant Chesterton, first espies then announces that the emperor is bare.

Many a school boasts of having the latest ideas in education, when it has not even the first idea; for the first idea is that even innocence, divine as it is, may learn something from experience.[3]

Implicit in Chesterton’s critique of the nature of modern education is a condemnation of the intellectual elitism that fuels the fads and fashions of the zeitgeist. The antidote to the poison of elitism, in Chesterton’s mind, is the populism and common sense of the common man; and the antidote to the transience of intellectual fads and fashions is the timeless touchtone of Tradition.

It is, of course, obvious that the disenfranchisement of the past inherent in the modern academy’s mania for novelty is also a disenfranchisement of the unborn. In denigrating and deriding the Great Books of Western Civilization, and the great ideas that informed them, the doyens of the modern academy have broken the continuum by which the wisdom of the ages is transmitted to each new generation.

Pearce is himself a scholar who has learned the great books by reading them. With minimal formal education and from a down to earth background in London’s East End, Joseph Pearce is the perfect foil for the highbrow elitist academics. Read the whole article here.