Was the UN Right to Attack the Catholic Church?

John Zmirak in this article paces around in a feisty mood and asks why we should get all upset about the UN attacks on the church if we’re not going to put our own- child abusing house in order.

The Church and other opponents of the UN’s children’s rights agenda, sees clearly that it is based on a degraded, subhumanist view of the person, an ethos of utilitarian hedonism, where the goal of human life is to stack up as many happy moments as possible before a quick and painless end, and that governments should use every means they can grab to maximize their happy moments quotient. Any worldview that suggests some higher or deeper reason for human action, which might entail voluntary sacrifice or suffering, is a fetish of the past that must be discredited and repressed.

In the past, the Church was able to point to its unmatched worldwide record of humanitarian action and claim a moral high ground.

But … the Church has lost its credibility. Squandered it, thrown it away with both hands as the prodigal son did his wealth.

The Church’s response to the sex abuse crisis was for decades was simply criminal, and to this day is culpably dysfunctional and inadequate.

I think Zmirak underestimates the real efforts made by all Catholics to put strong child protection measures in place. All he needs to do is volunteer to lead the parish youth group and he’ll be made to attend a VIRTUS course, watch a video on now perverts gain access to kids, fill in the paperwork, submit to a police check, visit the website, take pop quizzes, stay up to date, take refresher courses every year or so and make sure the kids he works with have also had ‘safe touching’ seminars and learn how to do a VIRTUS hug.

The lawyers and diocesan officials are all running around like chickens in a henhouse with Br’er Fox outside. Zmirak only has to set foot in a Catholic parish and get within five foot of a child to have someone ask him to fill in a form, attend a seminar, submit to a police check and take his personal details.

Nevertheless, he makes some strong points. Have we really got our house in order over the shocking abuse cases or are we still in that kind of religious stupidity in which we combine denial with a persecution complex, circle the wagons and blame everybody else? Zmirak continues his righteous rant:

In some ways, and on key issues, the Church still averts its gaze. But covering your eyes really doesn’t make you invisible. The world can see, and the Church’s enemies can point to some grave problems left unaddressed in the Church’s response to clerical abuse.

To speed that process up and give the Church back its needed prophetic voice, I have some questions, directed not at the United Nations but at the Church’s leaders:

Why has not a single bishop, anywhere in the world, been removed from office for covering up sex abuse? In 2002, the Dallas Morning News documented that two-thirds of U.S. bishops were implicated in cover-ups. Each one served out his term and retired in comfort, or else is still in office—including Bishop Robert Finn, who was actually convicted of failing to report the kiddie porn addiction of one of his priests.

Why is there no mechanism for removing bishops in the future if they fail to obey civil and canon law designed to protect innocent children? This past year, a bishop was removed for building too fancy a palace. One might argue that cosseting pedophiles is even worse.

Why is a religious order, the Legionaries of Christ, that was founded by a sociopathic pedophile and run as a mind-control cult still in good standing with the Church—even as priests who drop out of it report that the men in control are quashing reforms, and that many members still secretly venerate its perverted founder? What is there that is reformable in an order that was founded by the moral equivalent of Hugh Hefner or L. Ron Hubbard?

Zmirak is right, in the midst of this, to see the Dark Lord at work. Because the UN attacks the church doesn’t put the UN on the side of the angels. The true enemies of the church will use her sins and failures to promote their own darker and more insidious agenda.

The Church’s response to the sex abuse crisis was for decades was simply criminal, and to this day is culpably dysfunctional and inadequate. The UN authors skillfully and cynically make use of the sins committed by churchmen against the helpless and the innocent to remove the Church as an obstacle against still another set of crimes against other innocents. Thus the devil’s right hand washes his left.

So King Henry VIII used the corruption of bad Franciscans as a pretext for burning Carthusians, and the Bolsheviks cited Tsarist-era famines as the pretext for starving “kulaks.” One set of evils provides the excuse for still more evils—and the only common thread is the victims: in this case, those who were exploited thanks to corruption within the Church, and then the innocent victims of evil UN policies. First we have the thousands of young people sexually used by priests, then betrayed by the bishops whose job it was to protect them. Next we will see the children distorted, corrupted, aborted, when the UN gets its way. Call it Satanic synergy.

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