Belle Knox and the Beast

La Belle et la Bete

Here is my first article for The Catholic Thing website. It’s my comment on Duke University co-ed Miriam Weeks, who is selling her body and soul making porn.

Beauty and the Beast is, of course, the story of a beautiful young maiden who enchants a beastly bloke and turns him into the noble prince he was destined to be all along. Beauty conquers the beast. Belle bests the Bête.

All of this took a turn some weeks ago when a Duke University freshman named Miriam Weeks revealed that she was the beauty with the nom de porn of “Belle Knox.” This version of the fairy tale had a sting in the tail. This college beauty had turned into a beast. Oh, she was still pretty enough, but she admitted that she was making pornographic movies to pay her college tuition.

What was most revealing was not that she was prostituting herself, unscrupulous or desperate young women have been doing so from time immemorial. Otherwise we would not call it the oldest profession. What was unusual was not her profession, but her confession.

Belle Knox appeared on the Piers Morgan television show to defend herself. The women’s studies major pointed out that she had chosen to be a porn actress. She denied that she was being exploited. Everyone she had met in the porn industry, she claimed, was friendly, polite, and professional. Furthermore, she hoped to open a charity in the future to help abused sex workers.

Her confession revealed the morality not only of Belle Knox, but of the majority of our country. Most Americans can’t really have any argument against Belle’s beastly choice.

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