Dear Crabby…

Really, this is something you should read. The Crescat gets these “gimme advice” emails from single women and she gives them a good talking to.

I get letters like this frequently. The circumstances may differ, details tweaked a bit, but essentially they are all the same.

Why is it so hard to find the perfect man and why are so many of them afraid to get serious, they ask.

The source of the problem is always the same. Objectification. Well that and unrealistic expectations. But mostly objectification.

Expecting men to provide you with a service, that service being companionship, without being willing to offer anything in exchange is degrading, insulting, and objectifying.

I would ask, why do women feel it acceptable to treat men in a manner they wouldn’t want to be treated themselves?

My reply is as follows…

I think Katrina should start a new blog called “Dear Crabby” which is a nice blend of “Crescat” and “Abby”. She’s got the touch. She could give sage advice to all sorts of lonely hearts while dishing out a good helping of Catholic moral theology.

This is something that should be promoted. Why isn’t there a decent editor out there who can give Crescat a job doing this full time? I can see a whole industry.

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