Noah Problem

I tried to see Noah last night, but got there too late to get a seat. However, I’ll review the movie later, but here are some general comments on why we shouldn’t be too upset when Hollywood does the Bible.

As I prepare to see the movie this weekend, I find myself wondering about Hollywood’s sudden interest in the great sagas from the Bible. Could it be that at last some smart and creative members of our media community are realizing at last that the Bible contains some of the highest human drama, the most profound themes, and the most stirring adventures the world has ever known? The stories of the Bible are not only the foundation stories of our Western culture, but they are also the foundation stories of our human condition.

Every re-telling of the story is a new opportunity to see the same tales and truths from a new perspective. Even the versions which have been farcical, outrageous, inaccurate or irreverent contribute something to the whole picture. It is as if the Bible stories are so great that they are not judged by the films made about them; instead, the films are judged by the great stories. A film about the sacred stories that is small-minded, vile or irreverent only ends up showing the filmmakers to be small minded, vile and irreverent.

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