The Fuss at Fisher More

What’s going on at the little traditionalist Fisher More College in Texas? Why did that nasty bishop suppress the celebration of the Latin Mass for those college students?

Mark Shea sums up the situation quite neatly and with his usual (ahem) forthright manner.

There’s your problem right there. (A problem anybody but a blind man could see when King was hosting loons like Fr. Nicholas Gruner.) Deploying the EF as an assault weapon against a Council of Holy Church and using it to blaspheme the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the OF is directly contrary to Summorum Pontificum. Directly. Contrary. The bishop was not only within his rights to act, but he did exactly the right thing and would have been wrong not to act.

But wherever shall students go to participate in the EF? Oh, I don’t know. How about up the road two miles where the EF is offered with the approval of the bishop, who turns out not to be the persecuting monster Rorate Caeli and their sycophants shriek that he is. I walk that on any given day.

Go here to read Mark’s comments.

Me? I will quote a quip I saw online the other day, “Anathema on those who worship the Latin Mass. All Blessings on those who worship through the Latin Mass.”