Catholic Cardinal Condones Living in SIn

Tom Piatak has an excellent article over at Crisis website on Cardinal Kaspar’s scandalous proposals for marriage and divorce reform in the Catholic Church. Go here

He references Brideshead Re-Visited and Julia’s admission that to marry Charles (both of them divorced) would be to “set up an rival good to God’s”

Divorce and remarriage looms large in one of the greatest Catholic novels of the last century.  The narrator of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited, Charles Ryder, is in love with Julia Flyte, and the two plan to cement their happiness by marrying once their respective divorces are finalized.  Julia begins to have doubts when her brother Bridey refers to her and Charles “living in sin,” and she admits to Charles the accuracy of Bridey’s phrase:  “‘Living in sin’; not just doing wrong, as I did when  I went to America; doing wrong, knowing it is wrong, stopping doing it, forgetting.  That’s not what they mean.  That’s not Bridey’s pennyworth.  He means just what it says in black and white.”

Julia overcomes these doubts, but calls off the marriage after she witnesses her father, long estranged from the Church, accept absolution on his deathbed.  When Charles asks what she will do, Julia replies:

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