“Catholic” Nancy Pelosi Accepts Racist Eugenicist Award

Life Site News reports here on the reprehensible Nancy Pelosi accepting the Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award. Pelosi said pro lifers were ‘dumb’ for believing life began at conception.

At Planned Parenthood’s annual gala last night attendees…  watch[ed] Nancy Pelosi receive the Margaret Sanger award for her work defending abortion rights. In her acceptance speech, Pelosi slammed abortion opponents, especially criticized the “personhood” laws some of them are pushing and said the struggle for reproductive rights will continue whatever SCOTUS decides on the contraception mandate. She said, “When you see how closed their minds are or oblivious or whatever it is — dumb — then you know what the fight is about,” Pelosi said. “Whatever happens with the court…we must remember these battles will not be the end of the fight,”

Pelosi accepted Planned Parenthood’s highest honor – the Margaret Sanger Award. Sanger – the founder of Planned Parenthood – was a racist eugenicist who called African Americans, immigrants and the poor “human weeds,” “reckless breeders,” “spawning… human beings who never should have been born.”

The mind blowing hypocrisy of this is amazing. A week before she’s in the news for receiving a rosary blessed by Pope Francis from Obama. Now as a very public Catholic she received the Margaret Sanger Annual Racist Eugenicist award.

And none of our Catholic leaders give a peep about it?