Should the Pope Tweet?

Here is my latest article for Aleteia, commenting on the down side of the Pope’s informal communication style.

Pope Francis is the most informal and accessible pope in the history of the papacy and much of his instant accessibility is due to modern communications.

The pope uses his cell phone to make personal phone calls, then the content of the phone call ends up on Facebook and goes global. In an informal conversation with reporters the pope says of a sincere homosexual who truly seeks God, “Who am I to judge?” and it becomes perhaps the quote of the century. Visiting with a friend, he makes an impromptu cell phone video greeting Protestant Pentecostals, takes selfies with the crowd, and makes off-the-cuff comments that often remain ambiguous and tantalizing. Like Benedict XVI before him, Francis uses Twitter to communicate the gospel worldwide. Through social media, the mainstream networks, television, YouTube, and the internet he is seen and heard by the whole world instantly.

Is this what the Pope should be doing? Should the Pope tweet?

Here is the full article.