Dads – Give Your Kids a Literary Kick Start

Here’s my article for the National Catholic Register on the importance of Dads reading stories to their kids.

The reason children with active dads succeed is because the father helps the child to cope with the outside world. The mother is home-based. She helps a child know how to love and relate to others in the home.

Traditionally, the father has been the one to go out from the home and make his way in the wider world. As such, he is the one who helps the child to deal with the adventure of life and take those first dangerous steps away from the security of home.

Reading adventure stories with a child in the early days helps the child visualize the outside world. When he or she reads with the father, he or she realizes that it is the father who helps him or her think about the outside world in a positive and challenging way.

A father needs to be involved in reading with his child, planning family outings and be involved in the child’s education; but as Catholics, we would add that a father needs to be involved in the spiritual development of the children as well.

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