More Christianity Radio Show – Randy Hain

I have been procrastinating, forgetting, not starting a new habit, neglecting a job whatever–for a year and a half!

That is to link my radio show More Christianity with the blog. It’s already linked to the website, but I have been meaning to post links to the radio show podcast here for blog readers.

I started recording the half hour show in November 2012. It’s real simple. I just have a guest each week and we have a conversation.

I’m going to start linking to selected shows now and you can just use the link to go to the landing page for that show and download or listen online.

I’d appreciate some feedback. Is this working? Do the links connect? Are you enjoying listening to the show?

This first episode is my conversation with Randy Hain. Randy is an Atlanta based business man, convert to the Catholic faith from the Southern Baptist tradition and the author of a couple of excellent books on practical applications of Catholicism to everyday life. He is also the founder of the Integrated Catholic Life website.

Go here to listen to my radio show with Randy.