Serial Baby Killers in the UK

Serial abortion is on the rise in the UK with an increasing number of women using abortion as a means of contraception. This article for The Telegraph reveals statistics on the alarming growth of this killer of the future British population.

Abortion is increasingly being used simply as a form of “contraception”, MPs claimed as official figures showed a surge in the number of women having nine or more terminations.

Almost seven in 10 women who had a pregnancy terminated last year were married or in a stable long-term relationship, the new figures from the Department of Health show.

Overall there were 190,800 abortions in England and Wales last year taking the total for the last decade to just under two million. Across mainland Britain as a whole there were 202,577 in 2013.

The figures also show increasing numbers of older women seeking terminations, with the abortion rate among over 35s reaching its ever highest level – even as the rate among teenagers hit a record low.

One silver lining in this cloud is that teenagers are having fewer abortions than ever. It would be interesting to know the reason for this. Is abortion becoming unacceptable? Are teens deciding to not have sex as much? Or is it simply that British teenaged girls, once pregnant, choose to have the baby and live off state benefits?

The stunning figure in all this is abortion advocate Ann Furedi. She works for British Pregnancy Advisory Service–the UK’s biggest abortion mill. She says,

There is no right or wrong number of abortions, simply that any woman who needs an abortion is able to obtain one.

“One in three women will have an abortion, and these figures show clearly that women need good access to contraception and abortion services at every stage of their reproductive lifetimes.

“We should stop politicising abortion and accept that it is a standard part of women’s healthcare.

She would say that. Her paycheck depends on it. The subtext to her line about not politicizing abortion is, “Don’t let’s talk about this and certainly we should not let the elected representatives deal with questions like that.”

The UK abortion laws were put in place originally to allow for limited access to abortion in extreme cases. Now it’s abortion on demand. Thousands of women have had their third abortion and the statistics show that some have had as many as nine.

The British are killing off their own race while the Muslims are breeding happily and waiting in the wings.

One Muslim leader put it bluntly. When talking about the takeover of Europe he said, “We don’t need guns. We just need time.”

Meanwhile the pro life movement in Britain is almost non existent and the major churches are silent on the holocaust.

The major offender in this debacle is the Church of England which simply adopts whatever position the rest of the nation adopts.  Rather than being the voice of conscience the CofE is the voice of compromise.