House Falls on Teen Witch

HuffPo–always ready to celebrate diversity–has this report on “Tova”– a modern witch who has suffered for her beliefs…

 During her kids’ earlier years, the family faced social challenges because of Tova’s beliefs, she said.

“As a mother, I’ve had many instances where, when my children were younger, [the situation was], ‘Oh, well, they can’t have friends over,’ because whisperings were going on — ‘What happens at their house? We don’t know, we don’t understand,’” Tova said.

As her children have gotten older, Tova said the biggest effect her spiritual practice has had on them is that they’re “very careful” about what parts of their lives they share.

This is what I don’t get: You set out to do something which is intentionally weird, counter cultural and just plain spooky to most ordinary folks, then when they think you’re weird, shun you from their set and tell their kids you’re spooky you go and get all “boo hoo poor little victim me.”

This behavior reminds me of the time, when I was living in England, that I went to the store and there was a young punk who had a safety pin through his nose, had a purple mohawk haircut, wild and crazy make up, saucers in his earlobes, tight ripped pant and was carrying a teapot as a handbag.

The checkout lady stared at him like he was an alien from the planet X and he yelled, “So what are you lookin’ at b**tch??!!”

Happily she retorted, “I thought you dressed like that in order to be looked at luv.”

There’s the same kind of “Look at me. What are you staring at??” double think within not only the neo pagans, but also among all the radical, revolutionary types.  They love to be revolutionary, challenge the status quo, shock people, scandalize ordinary folks and do crazy stuff, then they turn around and blame everyone else for marginalizing them, making them feel persecuted and not granting them equal rights.

Like a petulant teenager they do everything they can to be weird, then when normal people raise eyebrows they get all surprised like a house dropped on them or something.

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