Meriam Ibrahim and the Obamas

Here is a strange situation. Michelle Obama and her husband have championed the rights of the poor, taken the side of African Americans and profess to be Christians, but on the case of Meriam Ibrahim they have been silent. What gives?

My article for Aleteia on Meriam as an icon of Christian suffering is here. Mark Steyn comments on the strange silence of the President and Mrs Obama here and makes the point that the Obamas had no trouble taking a personal interest in a case of injustice involving an African American youth. The President said that Trayvon Martin would have looked like his own son. Might not Meriam’s son Martin look like an Obama son?

Meriam is married to an American citizen. Her children are American citizens. She is African. Doesn’t that make her children and her husband African Americans? Why the silence in the face of such outrage?

News is emerging that the US State Department were involved in securing Meriam’s release, but where was the public and personal outcry from Mrs Obama and her husband?

We are rightly concerned about the human rights situation for children in Central America and we are bending over backwards to help them find refuge here. We are doing this for immigrants, but we did so little for a family of African Americans in the clutches of a barbaric regime?

Is it my imagination or is the President very reluctant to portray Islam in a bad light? We hear no words of condemnation about the persecution of Christians in Iraq. We hear no condemnation of the extremists’ attacks on Christians in Syria and the barbaric Sudanese Islamic government is given a pass. Liberals bleat here that the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby ruling is a template for religious doctrine being forced on people. Ha.

If they want to see what it really looks like for religious doctrine to be forced on people let them take a quick visit to Sudan where Meriam was chained to a wall because she was a Christian and gave birth while shackled. If they want to see religious being forced on people let them take a quick visit to the new caliphate in Northern Iraq. More and more Americans are concluding that the reason we don’t hear condemnations of these atrocities from the White House is because the present occupants approve of them. Or maybe he’s just too busy doing fund raisers and playing golf.