Off to Castel Gandolfo…

Castel Gandolfo

…the Pope is not.

Edward Pentin, writing at the National Catholic Register says here that neither Pope Francis nor Pope Benedict will be making use of Casetl Gandolfo for their summer vacation this year.

Which brings me to point out that I have two weeks of vacation coming up and have not decided where to go.

I understand that this blog enjoys a readership in the Vatican itself.

Perhaps there is someone within those ancient walls who can pull a few strings and send me a private email saying that as the Castel Gandolfo is vacant they would be willing to have me as a guest for a week.

I would be more than willing to cover the air fare if everything else is provided. My tastes are very simple. I won’t need more than three Swiss guards to wait on me and I’m sure the Italian cook, butler and maid are twiddling their thumbs waiting for something to do…