Pope Francis Evangelical Catholic

Here is my latest article for Aleteia – reporting on Pope Francis’ meeting with Anglican bishop Tony Palmer and Charismatic televangelist Kenneth Copeland and other Evangelical leaders.

For some time now the real division in Christianity has not been between Catholics and Protestants. It has been between those Christians who believe in a revealed religion and those who believe in a relative religion. The real divide is between progressives who wish to alter the historic faith according to the spirit of the age, and those who believe the spirit of the age should be challenged by the eternal and unchanging truth of the Christian gospel.

The words and actions of St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI were both rooted in the past and yet pointed to the future.

Likewise with Pope Francis. His meeting with Evangelical leaders points to a new alignment within global Christianity. As the progressive Christians merge increasingly with the spirit of the age the divide between them and classical Christians will become increasingly acute. As this happens the classical Christians of all denominations will begin to coalesce and cooperate more closely. Classical Christians from Eastern Orthodoxy through Roman Catholicism, classical Anglicanism and Evangelicalism will all find an increasing understanding and agreement.

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