Avert Your Eyes…from that Cell Phone

cellphonesRemember that old gospel song, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in his wonderful face…”

That’s a good reason to look away from the screen for once.

Pope Francis has warned of wasting too much time with our cell phones, laptops, TVs and tablets.

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What is it that drives our screen addiction? The first thing is entertainment. While entertainment is not wrong in a balanced life, it can be a distraction from reality. If spend too much time watching television and movies and playing screen games we neglect our relationships, neglect our neighbor, and neglect prayer. Screen entertainment offers us an alternative reality. That false reality can seem much more attractive than the nitty gritty life that requires hard work, sacrifice and service day by day.

Entertainment is one element of our screen addiction. The second one is even more subtle and worrying. Why do people gaze at their cell phone constantly? Why do we have to pull out the phone to check our emails and text every five minutes? Why do we sit in a group of people with our eyes glued to the screen rather than to each other?

It’s because we are getting attention from the other people who are communicating with us electronically…

…and we all love attention.

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