Mary Queen of Heaven: A Quick Apologetic

Coronation of Mary by Velasquez

Coronation of Mary by Velasquez

Nothing is more of a hot button issue in discussions with our separated brethren than Mary.

Kimberly Hahn said in her journey to the Catholic Church there are three problems: Mary. Mary and Mary.

So how do we dialogue with non Catholic Christians about today’s feast: the Queenship of Mary?

NCC (non Catholic Christian) – Why do y’all say that Mary is Queen of Heaven? Don’t you know that’s a pagan title? That’s the name the pagan people in the Old Testament times gave to their goddess. Just look it up in Jeremiah 44.17-25. That’s the term they used for the goddess Astarte, and you Catholics worship Astarte you just call her Mary!

CC (Catholic Christian) – Whoa! Hold on there a minute. First of all we don’t worship Astarte. For that matter we don’t worship Mary either. We worship God alone. We honor Mary, and we sure do honor her above every other creature–including the angels. We have three words to describe the different types of religious honor. Latria  is the worship given to God alone. Dulia is the honor we pay to saints and angels. Hyperdulia  or “super dulia” is the honor we give to Mary.

NCC – Yes, but where do you find that in the Bible?

CC – Jesus points to Mary and says, “Here is your mother” and he tells us to keep the commandments and the fourth commandment is “Honor Your Father and Your Mother.”

NCC – You’re just being tricky.

CC – So you asked for Biblical support for the honor of Mary, and when I give it you’re not happy?

NCC – Let’s go back to Mary Queen of Heaven. I never heard of anything so crazy. Why do you imagine that this simple girl is the Queen of Heaven?

CC: Do you believe that Jesus is the King of Heaven? You sing that hymn “Crown Him with Many Crowns” don’t you? The “Lamb Upon the Throne”?

NCC – We’re not too big on those old fashioned hymns, but sure, Jesus is the King of Heaven.

CC – And Jesus talks about “his Kingdom” and “the Kingdom of God” all the time right?

NCC – I guess.

CC – And he’s the Son of David. You’re still with me?

NCC – Sure.

CC – And according to Luke 1: 32-33 Jesus inherits the throne of his father David correct?

NCC – OK. So?

CC – Well, if Jesus has inherited the throne of his Father David, and he is now the King of Heaven, you have to remember that in King David’s time, and in the understanding of the Jews the Queen of a Kingdom was not the wife of the King, but the Mother of the King. In David’s kingdom the Queen is the Queen Mother. You can find this in the Old Testament if you like. Check out I Kings 1. Bathsheba was Solomon’s mother and she reigns as the queen–not one of Solomon’s many wives.

NCC – How does that connect with Mary?

CC – It’s not that hard is it? If Jesus inherits the throne of David and is the King of Heaven, and Mary is his mother, then Mary is the Queen Mother of the restored Kingdom of David, and not that Jesus is King of Heaven that makes Mary the Queen Mother of the Heavenly kingdom.

NCC – That’s far out! How can you spin all of that out of one little verse in Scripture?

CC – Let’s not go there shall we? If we start talking about spinning stuff out from one verse of Scripture you may have some explaining to do don’t you think?

NCC – OK. Point taken.

CC – Besides. The idea that Mary is the Queen of Heaven is in Scripture.

NCC – Now what kind of trick are you going to pull?

CC – Let’s open our Bibles brothers and sisters to the Book of Revelation chapter 12 and verse 1. Here we see the Mother of the Redeemer who is a sign in heaven and hey look! She’s crowned with twelve stars. The mother of Jesus in heaven with a crown? Sounds like a Queen of Heaven to me.

NCC – That’s very interesting.

CC – Do you want to become a Catholic now?