Pope Francis Called the Foley Family

This article in the Daily Telegraph suggests James Foley may have volunteered for execution to spare others.

James Foley may have volunteered to be murdered to spare the lives of fellow hostages, his family said, as it emerged that his kidnappers had emailed them last week to say they were about to “execute” him.

Mr Foley’s younger brother Michael said he had “no doubt” the American journalist would have sacrificed himself, adding: “He’s always been that way.”

Michael, 38, said: “[He] truly cares more about others than himself. I think he was probably the strongest and most prepared for it. God forbid there’s others. But you can see just from the clips, from the video, he wasn’t afraid.

“Jim was a hero. He was my hero.”

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil) told the Foley family in an email on Aug 12 that the US would “pay the price” for air strikes on Isil targets in Iraq, “the first of which being the blood of the American citizen James Foley”.

It also reports that Pope Francis phone the Foleys to offer prayers and condolences.

Good call.