The Bitter Pill

London’s left wing ‘Catholic’ journal The Tablet¬†has launched an attack on Fr Tim Finigan over his celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. You can read the article (and Fr Finigan’s comments) here. What struck me about reading the article was the petty, sniping tone. All sorts of little grumbles about people who ‘don’t [Read More...]

Smeagol Speaks

Nassty Petersss. We knew he was tricksy and false. We was only being nice and kind and only wanted to touch our preciousss blogssy award. Then he snatches it away from uss. He’s sneaky and hass spies. Nasty Papist blogger. Ugghh! We know. We see them. They are everywhere the eyes. Come now, friendly readers, [Read More...]

What I Love About the Catholic Church – 6

What I love about the Catholic Church is that we use physical stuff in worship. It makes sense doesn’t it, that Our Lord did not despise the physical realm when he became man, so why should we dismiss the idea that he comes to us still through the physical realm? Ashes for the penitent, water [Read More...]

Pope Meets Ratzinger

This news just in. Yesterday in Rome Pope Pelosi met German theologian Joseph Ratzinger. Pope Pelosi, who was self selected, said yesterday, “We were delighted to meet Fr. Ratzinger. I was able to commend him on his work to relieve poverty and stop global warming. He was also interested to see photographs of my reptile [Read More...]

Next Speaking Engagement

I will be speaking at a Lenten Day of Reflection on Saturday, March 7 at Belmont Abbey College, near Charlotte, NC.  The topic is St Benedict and St ThereseРA Little Way through Lent. This day is open to the public. Contact Belmont Abbey College for more information. [Read more...]

Another Fine Mess

Whoops. American Papist is on to us… Keep Voting! Tell Your Friends… [Read more...]