For the Record

A cheeky commenter over at Fr. Z’s blog hinted that I do not wear proper headgear. Begone doubter!! [Read more...]

Come on a Benedictine Men’s Retreat

I will be leading a Benedictine retreat for men at St Bernard’s Abbey in Cullman, Alabama on 20 – 22 February. If you would like more information, drop me a line. Email link through my website. [Read more...]

The Fashion Wars Begin

I see that Fr Z had declared war. Clearly jealous of my magnificent cloak he posts here a picture of himself in something he calls a cappa. What sort of a garment is that? It’s too short. Indeed it is nothing less than an ecclesiastical mini skirt!   But is it even the man himself? [Read More...]

What I Love About the Catholic Church – 4

There’s something in human nature that wants to join and belong. We want to be a part of clubs, institutions, nations, federations, confraternities, fellowships, friendly societies, unions, movements and armies and organizations. We need to belong to a group, a family, an order of like minded brothers and sisters. We want to work together with [Read More...]

St Paul Miki

Do you remember the story of the Kakure Kirishitan? St Francis Xavier went as a missionary to Japan in the 1500s, and the result of the Jesuit mission was very successful. Tens of thousands of souls were converted. The warlords of Japan considered this a kind of alien invasion from the Phillipines and began to [Read More...]

Bread and Circuses

We went to the circus last night with the kids and some friends. I love the circus. There’s something ancient and earthy and common about it. It’s more high tech now, but it’s still the same entertainment that has been around since Roman times: acrobats, lovely ladies, brave men, wild beasts, magicians, clowns, spangly costumes, [Read More...]