Pope Meets Ratzinger

This news just in. Yesterday in Rome Pope Pelosi met German theologian Joseph Ratzinger. Pope Pelosi, who was self selected, said yesterday, “We were delighted to meet Fr. Ratzinger. I was able to commend him on his work to relieve poverty and stop global warming. He was also interested to see photographs of my reptile [Read More...]

Next Speaking Engagement

I will be speaking at a Lenten Day of Reflection on Saturday, March 7 at Belmont Abbey College, near Charlotte, NC.  The topic is St Benedict and St Therese– A Little Way through Lent. This day is open to the public. Contact Belmont Abbey College for more information. [Read more...]

Another Fine Mess

Whoops. American Papist is on to us… Keep Voting! Tell Your Friends… [Read more...]

Prayer Power

Here is my latest for InsideCatholic. It discusses the Practical Power of Public Prayer. What are the benefits of prayers in public–even for non believers? What does it matter? Why are we the poorer as a society when prayer is banned? Click here to read. [Read more...]


…don’t tell Thomas Peters at American Papist that we is sneaking up on him real quiet like…. Just 25 more votes puts this blog into second place….Vote now if you haven’t already.  [Read more...]

Infallible Infallibility

I am reading a conversion story and apologetical book called An Invitation Heeded published at the end of the 1800s with a view to editing it for re-publication by the Coming Home Network. In the chapter on infallibility the author makes the very good point that rather than the Catholic Church’s stance on infallibility being [Read More...]