Preaching the Word

When I first arrived at St Joseph’s one of the kids was asked what he thought of the new chaplain and he said, “He preaches like a Baptist.” I took it as a compliment….sort of. Anyway, you can judge for yourselves. I am thinking of making my homilies available through podcast, but before I invest [Read More...]

Win a Car

This is the final week before our Annual Knight Before Christmas Gala. On Saturday night the winning ticket will be drawn to win a car or $25,000.00 cash prize. Second prize is a home entertainment center. Third prize a fabulous vacation. Each ticket costs $100.00, but only 2,000 tickets will be sold. Take a chance, [Read More...]

The Apostles – 3

In the third chapter of The Apostles the Holy Father discusses Tradition. He says, “The Holy Spirit appears to us as the guarantor of the active presence of the mystery in history, the One who ensures its realization down through the centuries.” Piling up Scripture references, he shows how it is the Holy Spirit who [Read More...]

Pope Benedict at Advent Vespers

[Read more...]

Watch and Wait

Advent watching and waiting for the Lord’s coming is a reminder that being alert, awake and alive should be our mental and spiritual state at all times.  We should be watchful and awake and waiting mentally. Never being dull or complacent, never being prejudiced or locked in to a narrow mindedness, never being suspicious or [Read More...]

New Friends

  Of the many emails I receive from blog readers, this one is especially encouraging: I graduated from Iowa State University this year in May and got married two weeks later. Over the course of my college career I found it very heartening to see the number of young Catholics who were strong and faithful [Read More...]