St Agatha Trivia Quiz

Q: Why was St Agatha claimed as patron of bell founders and bell ringers? A: Dustthouart got it. St Agatha was matyred by having her errmm.. breasts cut off. When pictured with them upside down on a plate (as one does when one is a martyr) ignorant medieval Christians thought they were bells. Some thought [Read More...]

Blogger Awards Update

Fifth place tie with NLM at the moment. I think it’s going to be a long haul to rise much higher. The unstoppable Fr.Z remains the Priest Blogger King. His blog is pretty amazing. It continues to expand. He has cam feeds, forums, recipes for dinner and pictures of birds. What next? A fashion page? [Read More...]

Michael Dubruiel RIP

Amy Welborn’s husband, Mike Dubruiel has died. Amy reports his sudden death here and says you can help by buying his books. I got to know Mike when he was commissioning editor at Our Sunday Visitor. He gave two of my books the green light and welcomed me when I visited OSV in Indiana. I later [Read More...]

Candlemas in Connecticut

Traditional worship in Connecticut for Candlemass.  More pictures at NLM. [Read more...]

What I Love About the Catholic Church – 2

I love the fact that the Catholic Church is both universal and local, and you can see both. The HQ is there in Rome at exactly the place where St Peter was crucified upside down and buried, and just a short distance from St Paul’s burial place. It is there down through history, solid and [Read More...]

Blog Awards

The problem with this contest is that you have to click on the logo, then sign in and create a password and give your email address, and they send you a reply and you then get to vote. A bit tiresome, but I’m in 8th place so far. Take time to vote if you can! [Read More...]