Sovana Cathedral

“I  wish to create a church so beautiful that it would move even the hardest heart to prayer.”  –the unknown architect of Glastonbury Abbey click on picture to enlarge H/T Roving Medievalist — (who else?) [Read more...]

Me and Mel

OK then, here’s the Mel Gibson story: I was living in London, and it was the year before Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ came out. There was some doubt as to whether Gibson would be able to get backers to help with the distribution of the film. He came to London to meet with [Read More...]

Servers from St Mary’s

Here are three of our noble band of servers from St Mary’s. These guys (with about a dozen more) serve at the 11:00 High Mass. We have all male servers at St Mary’s, and one of the things we do in their instruction is to remind them that they are helping to lead the worship [Read More...]

Branagh’s Hamlet

I just finished watching Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet again. The settings, costumes, direction and acting from the stellar cast are simply splendid. Branagh’s direction and vision for the film is powerful, dignified and beautiful to look at, and the cast of stars–from Derek Jacobi and Julie Christie and Kate Winslet to Jack Lemmon and Charlton Heston [Read More...]

More on Confession

When people come to confession they often have something on their conscience which makes them feel guilty, ashamed or scared. Most often this is something where they’ve lost control. Maybe it is a sin that is ‘below the belt’, something to do with food, drink or drugs, losing one’s temper, being violent etc. This sin [Read More...]

Website Renovation

Ok folks, take a moment and pop over to my newly refurbished website. It’s got: Snazzy new header more appropriate for a priest lots more of my articles archived in new categories and pages updated books page with get this!! reduced prices on all my books PayPal facility to buy my books online bookings page [Read More...]