Holy Family

When I was visiting London for the day and had a bit of extra time to kill I would drop by the National Gallery to see this picture. It’s very large and this little reproduction doesn’t do it justice. I love the way the composition shows how the Holy Family reflects the Holiest Family of [Read More...]

The Failure of Socialism

In this article in London’s Daily Telegraph the Anglican bishops attack the failure of British socialism. New Labour was voted into power in 1997 with great promises of making Britain ‘great’ again. The usual socialist manifesto was put into place: rob from the rich and give to the poor. Taxes went up. The nanny state [Read More...]

Wishing You and Yours…

a Very Blessed and Joyous Christmas [Read more...]

Happy Holidays?

The wife came home from a holiday visit to a neighbor, and said that she parted with a cheery English, “Well, Happy Christmas then!” and the other person visiting the home called out, “and a Happy Hanukah to you!” At the door the hostess (a person who seems to be a pleasant non believer) apologized, [Read More...]

The Invitation Heeded

Rob, at Coming Home Network, has sent me a splendid old conversion story written by James Kent Stone, (sometime president of Kenyon and Hobart Colleges) and published in 1869. It is written in a robust and eloquent style, and is full of a bracing kind of Catholic convert triumphalism one doesn’t see much of in [Read More...]

Shea for Today

Mark Shea has a good post on the difficulties of atheism [Read more...]