C of E Censors Carols

When I was an Anglican we used to joke that ‘C of E’ stood not for ‘Church of England’, but ‘Church of Everybody.’ It seems the need to be loved is still all over the poor old Anglican Church. Why else would well meaning vicars change the words of Christmas carols to make them more [Read More...]

The Apostles – 4

Ending the first part of his catechesis on the Apostles, the Holy Father summarizes and expands further on the importance of the Apostolic ministry. The Apostles were handed the authority to teach the truth, forgive sins and overcome evil which had God had given to the Son, and Jesus says, “As the Father has sent [Read More...]

The Gathering Storm

Advent is a time of prophecies–looking back and looking forward at the same time. What has the past given us and how does it point to the future? Others have said it before, but I believe Benedict XVI chose his name because of the great St Benedict–not really because of any of his fifteen Benedictine [Read More...]


Sorry not much blogging of late. Very busy. End of semester etc. I did receive this photograph from a reader in Texas who said when junior came in from the mud pit the first thing she thought was that he looked like Fr Longenecker. I’m flattered right?  [Read more...]

Local Paper Profiles Blogger

The Greenville News profiles various ministers in town. It was my turn this week. You can read the article here. This was the serious shot. [Read more...]

New Prefect

The Pope has appointed Cardinal Canizares Llovero  as the new prefect to the Congregation for Divine Worship, succeeding the Nigerian Cardinal Arinze. Here are some photos of the man. I guess we should not expect Kumbayah, liturgical dance and those creepy giant puppets to be authorized any time soon. Photos from Fr.Z, and you can [Read More...]