And Now for Something Completely Different

One of the great things about returning to America as a Catholic is that I now share in all the different Catholic ethnic groups. I’ve loved learning about the Maronites and learning to celebrate the Maronite Divine Liturgy. A few months ago I was asked to be chaplain to our local Ancient Order of Hibernians. [Read More...]

Chust for Nice- 2

St Volodyrmyr’s Cathedral, Kiev Artist: Viktor Vasnetsov (click to enlarge) [Read more...]

Chust for Nice

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A Motto for Our Time

“Nec laudibus, nec timore” (Neither praise nor threats will distance me from God) It was the Episcopal motto of this man. [Read more...]

Please read

I am also getting emails from people who say Obama is not in favor of abortion. Please read this article by Robert George for a clear statement of Obama’s record on the abortion issue. [Read more...]

Stick ‘em up…

…I’m not saying it again. I said to myself, “I’ll make that little appeal for donations for just one week.”  Many of you have been very kind in your comments and very generous in your donations and orders for books. Thank you! Just to let you know, I don’t plan on making an appeal like [Read More...]