Fr Tom

Mark Shea writes movingly here of a heroic priest. [Read more...]

Whig Politician

This is Peter Orszag, Obama’s new chief of financial something or other.  It looks like the Whig Party is making a comeback.  [Read more...]

Obama Claims Moral High Ground

This article from London’s Daily Telegraph praises Obama for closing down Gitmo and getting rid of CIA secret prisons and torture and so forth, and so they should. These things were the more unsavory bits of the Bush administration. Here are some quotes from the article: Mr Obama said America would now be “willing to observe [Read More...]

The Future of Humanity

A recent post about atheism elicited a bizarre comment. I had observed that atheists may soon find it necessary to actively neutralize or eliminate religious believers as dangerous extremists and harmful bigots. An unbeliever commented that they wouldn’t need to. They would just wait for all the believers to die out in the face of [Read More...]

Powerful Video

[Read more...]

Maybe I’m Amish After All

I watched the inauguration today, and I’m sorry folks. I simply can’t get excited about this ‘extraordinarily gifted man’ that everybody is ecstatic about.  I think he’s full of hot air. His speech was a load of platitudes that was probably strung together by Oprah Winfrey.  I can’t help feeling that he’s just another canned [Read More...]