Uncle Joe Applauded at Mass

Yucch. Curt Jester links to this news report about Joe Biden being applauded at Mass. Catholics clapping at Mass is bad enough. Cue Talk Show liturgy… but Catholics clapping for a pro-abortion ‘Catholic’ who is veep to the aggressively pro abortion Obama? Sick. [Read more...]

Sleepwalking into Atheism

BBC Presenter Jeremy Vines speaks frankly about the present state of anti Christian feeling in the UK. The comments on this article are especially interesting to read. I like one who says, “We are sleepwalking into an atheistic state.” This is how the sleepwalking works: First people stop believing in objective morality. They say this [Read More...]

Podcast 5 – The Call of the Four

Here is my homily for January 18, 2009: Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Call of the Four. This is the first of a series of homilies called The Apostolic Ministry of Christ which will take us up to the beginning of Lent. The series considers the call of the apostles, the conversion of St Paul, [Read More...]

C.S.Lewis’ White Witch Top Baddie

A new poll puts the White Witch of Narnia as the top fictional villain. C.S.Lewis’ work continues to ascend to the heights of the timeless classics. Did you know C.S.Lewis got quite worried at the end of his life because he was convinced his books would go out of print and he had no other [Read More...]

Spiritual Heroes

There is snow on the ground in New Jersey, and deer in the great park of the magnificent convent of the Sisters of Charity here in Mendham. My experience of the American Catholic Church has only really been in South Carolina, and I forget the wealth of buildings and manpower the Catholic Church has in [Read More...]

Pro Abortion Donut?

My friend Richard sent me this item. Can it be that Krispy Kreme donuts are celebrating abortion with ‘freedom of choice’ donuts?  It seems they are offering everyone a free donut on Inauguration Day. This is what they’re saying, but perhaps this is just a publicity stunt gone wrong and they’re not aware that ‘freedom of [Read More...]