The Portly Prophet Speaks

” I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.” “Only a live fish can swim against the current, the dead go with it” “Be careful not to be so open-minded that your brains fall out.” “Moral issues are always terribly complex for someone without principles.” –G.K.Chesterton [Read more...]

Newman in the Lion’s Den

Here is my latest article for InsideCatholic. It summarizes the week’s events and the responses we’ve had at St Mary’s. [Read more...]


This article will inform you about the Freedom of Choice Act–the signing of which our new President has told us will be his first item of business. There has been some specious argument on this blog that a presidential candidate’s abortion stance is immaterial because a president does not have the power to overturn Roe [Read More...]

89% of Abortions…

…take place up to twelve weeks into the pregnancy. At that stage the fetus is just a collection of cells right? Click here for a picture of that 12 week old blob of cells. [Read more...]

Other Bad Stuff

And another thing we’re against is war. Not only unjust wars. We don’t like war at all. War should never be the answer. We should always do everything we can do avoid war and to get out of war whenever possible. An unjust war is even worse. We’re against unjust wars. However, even in an [Read More...]

Thomas Aquinas College Chapel

click to enlarge I posted some months ago about the new chapel being constructed at Thomas Aquinas College in California. Here is a picture of it going up. NLM has more details and links to photos of the chapel, the papal blessing of the cornerstone, the bells etc. [Read more...]