Fr Newman on the Epiphany

(Click to enlarge) Fr Newman’s parish bulletin letter this week is especially good. He gives an explanation of the Solemnity of the Epiphany, the history of the feast, and how it links with both the Nativity and and the Baptism of the Lord–all of them being part of the same manifestation of Christ the Light [Read More...]

T.S.Eliot (RIP)

Today is the forty third anniversary of the death of T.S.Eliot Did you know he conducted a friendly correspondence with Groucho Marx? They were mutual admirers. They met once and discussed jokes, poetry, cats and cigars. [Read more...]

Journey of the Magi

Eliot wrote this in 1927–just after his baptism.  A cold coming we had of it,Just the worst time of the yearFor a journey, and such a long journey:The ways deep and the weather sharp,The very dead of winter.And the camels galled, sore-footed, refractory,Lying down in the melting snow.There were times when we regrettedThe summer palaces [Read More...]

Podcast 2 – Epiphany

Link here for the homily for Epiphany from St Mary’s. This second podcast should be easier to use. It is in the proper MP3 format. The Epiphany homily is early since I often celebrate the vigil Mass at St Mary’s on the first Saturday of the month. Let me know if this is better. [Read more...]

Adoration of the Magi

This painting is situated in the East end of one of the most glorious buildings in Christendom: Kings College Chapel, Cambridge. I was chaplain at the choir school there for two years, (in my Anglican days, and was able to see this picture every day. There ought to be a movement to restore sacred paintings [Read More...]

Christ of the Abyss

I spent some of my down time during the Christmas holidays playing with the computer, and have added an iGoogle homepage. One of the gadgets is a feed of National Geographic photographs, and this morning I was delighted to find this photograph of ‘Christ of the Abyss‘ I was immediately reminded of these words from [Read More...]