Here’s why benevolent secular humanism (aka atheism) leads to genocide: If you don’t believe in anything other than this physical realm, then the only thing worth doing is trying to improve the one world you’ve got: this one.  You can improve this world in one of two ways: 1. by simply making yourself more comfortable [Read More...]

Quo Vadis Canterbury?

Here’s my latest article for Inside Catholic. It’s a round up on the Anglican’s disastrous summer.  For those of you who are tired of the Anglican posts, now that Lambeth is over I’ll be moving on too. [Read more...]

Liturgical Dance Conference

In response to Pope Benedict XVI’s conservative liturgical movement, liturgical dance experts from around the world gathered over the weekend for a phenomenal display. Daphne Farnsworth, spokeswoman for LEOTARD (Ladies Endorsement of Tights and Relevant Dancing) said, “You can keep your choreographed altar servers. Liturgical Dance is here to stay.” [Read more...]

Fellowship Church Names

Since moving to South Carolina I’ve been somewhat amused/bemused by the trendy names given to the new ‘community churches’. Sometimes they are just named by their local community. We have a big one here in town called ‘Brookwood’ which, I guess, is the name of the local subdivision. It’s the ones with ‘creative’ spiritual sounding [Read More...]

Reactions to Lambeth

Damian Thompson comments sharply on the speech by Ugandan Anglican Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi. (left) He’s one who has boycotted the Lambeth Conference. He speaks of his sense of betrayal and hints at what will happen next. Meantime, the Catholics are also speaking clearly about the Anglican situation. Damian comments about Cardinal Dias and Cardinal [Read More...]

Benny Hinn

This is Benny Hinn, a faith healing evangelist for the twenty first century. Here is an article that exposes his fakery. I looked very hard for something, anything on the internet that was positive about Mr Hinn’s ministry, but was hard pressed. Everyone attacks him from his fellow Evangelicals through to atheists and skeptics of [Read More...]