The Holly and Lily Crowd

On observing the larger numbers for Easter one pastor wisecracked, “I have to apologize to all of you about all the lilies in Church. I wanted to get poinsettas, so it would look just like it did last time you were here…” [Read more...]

Easter Coverage

Amy Welborn covers Easter worldwide. She’s got moving photographs from Catholic celebrations of the Triduum from around the world. She’s also posted to Pope’s Easter message to the world as well as his homily at the Easter Vigil. Thanks, Amy for keeping at it while other bloggers were taking time off! [Read more...]

Holy Week

I’m signing off for Holy Week, and will be back with the Alleluias. [Read more...]

With This Ring I Thee Wed

  A dear friend sent me this link to a story of a Jewish guy who converted to the Catholic faith. The story of his conversion is moving and real, then the story goes sour as he recounts his disappointing experience of Catholicism on the ground. He comes across New Agey kooks leading RCIA, ignorant [Read More...]

Church Unity in the Liturgical Details

What is “Church unity”? Probably the most shallow concept of church unity is in the ecumenical movement as popularly understood. “Church Unity” in this context means Christians of different denominations should meet together, be more charitable toward one another, find ways to work out their differences, and where possible, work together for the common good. [Read More...]

A Rejoinder to Dr Grayling

  A.C.Grayling is one of London’s chattering class who espouse a shallow secularism and dress it up as philosophy. I commented on his most recent outing the other day. Carl Olson at Ignatius Insight has engaged with Grayling’s thought, and written an excellent counter argument. Take time to read this. Carl’s work is thorough, modest, [Read More...]